Aug 31, 2021 - Technology

Atari classic "Centipede" returns

A screenshot of a video game graphic featuring a dark black background with purple and pink grid and a green animated centipede navigating around a screen of spiders and mushrooms.

"Centipede: Recharged." Screenshot: Atari

A new version of the classic Atari game “Centipede” will be released for consoles and PC in late September under the name “Centipede: Recharged” and sporting a more futuristic look. (Trailer here)

Driving the news: The game’s lead developer, Adam Nickerson, first partnered with Atari for last year’s “Missile Command: Recharged,” which revamped another classic in a similar style.

  • Nickerson tells Axios he first connected with Atari after discovering an email in his spam folder from an Atari official who liked his work.
  • Atari showed him a list of franchises they had the rights to. He went with “Missile Command” first because he used to be obsessed with it.

As for “Centipede”: “I loved the arcade game and wanted to just play it in the way I remembered it, but add some cool powerups and modern touches to maybe make another generation care about it."

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