Aug 19, 2021 - Politics & Policy

Biden administration sanctions Cuban officials over human rights abuses

Picture of protesters in Cuba

Protestors in Cuba. Photo: Yamil Lage/AFP via Getty Images

The Treasury Department on Thursday imposed additional sanctions on Cuban officials over their violent response to peaceful protests that occurred on the island last month.

The big picture: The department said it was the fourth round of sanctions since the beginning of the protests, which started to call attention to the widespread food and medicine shortages.

Details: The sanction targets Roberto Legra Sotolongo and Andres Laureano Gonzalez Brito of the Cuban Ministry of Revolutionary Armed Forces (MINFAR), as well as Abelardo Jimenez Gonzalez of the Cuban Ministry of Interior (MININT).

  • The men were seen as having worked with entities whose members are considered to have been responsible for serious human rights abuse.
  • The Treasury Department had also sanctioned two Cuban officials and a Cuban military unit last week.

What they're saying: "The Treasury Department will continue to hold accountable those who enable the Cuban government to perpetuate human rights abuse," said Andrea Gacki, director of the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

  • "Today’s action exposes additional perpetrators responsible for suppressing the Cuban people’s calls for freedom and respect for human rights."
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