Jul 19, 2021 - Technology

Nintendo tries to tweet through criticism of OLED Switch

A nintendo switch gaming console

Image: Nintendo

In a two-tweet salvo this morning, Nintendo denied that the new Switch OLED model will increase the company's hardware profit margins and that a better Switch is waiting in the wings.

Why it matters: Nintendo is trying to counter criticism that its new Switch has been priced too high and that it is a skippable half-step.

Driving the news: Last week, Bloomberg reported that the new $350 Switch would cost roughly $10 more to make than the current hot-selling $300 model.

  • The outlet previously (and accurately) reported that a new Switch with an OLED screen was being made for the fall, but incorrectly reported that the device would be more powerful.
  • In its recent price story, Bloomberg cited experts familiar with the cost of the new machine’s better screen and enhanced storage.
  • But Nintendo tweeted today that reports of increased profit margins for the new unit were wrong. "To ensure correct understanding among our investors and customers, we want to make clear that the claim is incorrect."

Nintendo also tried to cool expectations that it will release a more powerful Switch in the future, tweeting that it has "no plans for launching any other model at this time."

  • That may not mean much. In February, Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa told investors "we do not have plans to announce a new model" of the Switch. Five months later, it announced the OLED Switch.

Personal aside: On Friday, Axios Gaming pre-ordered the OLED Switch from Walmart.

  • On Saturday, the retailer sent a follow-up email to note it was cutting the cost by $50, to $300.
  • It cited "preorder competitive price match."
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