Jul 10, 2021 - World

Suicide bombing in Somalia kills at least 9, injures 8

Picture of medical workers in Somalia standing next to an exploded car

Medical workers arrive at the scene of suicide car bomb attack that targeted the city's police commissioner in Mogadishu. Photo: -/AFP via Getty Images

A suicide car bomb that targeted a government official in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, has left at least nine people dead and another eight injured, AP reports.

State of play: A spokesperson for al-Shabab, an extremist group that has been linked to Al-Qaeda, told Reuters that it was responsible for the attack. A Somali police spokesperson said Mogadishu's police commissioner, Farhan Mohamud Qaroleh, was the target of the attack, adding that he is safe, per AP.

The big picture: A bombing in Mogadishu last week targeted a teashop and killed at least 10 people, AP notes.

  • Last month, a suicide bomb attack took place at a military base in the city. At least 15 people died.
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