Jul 6, 2021 - Technology

Nintendo Switch OLED coming this October

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Nintendo is releasing a new Switch with a bigger, better screen on Oct. 8 for $349.99.

Between the lines: A newer Switch model has been expected for months, though fans and insiders originally expected a more powerful machine.

  • In Tuesday's announcement, Nintendo emphasized the new unit's brighter screen but made no indication that it will run games better.
  • The company's specs for the system list the same video resolutions for handheld and TV mode as the original Switch.

The new console includes a 7-inch OLED screen, 64GB storage, enhanced audio, and a wide adjustable stand.

  • The original Switch includes 32GB of storage and retails for $300.
  • The last Switch released was the Nintendo Switch Lite, which offered a cheaper, smaller alternative that you couldn't connect to a TV.

Flashback: Although most expected Nintendo to debut the console at E3, no such announcement came as the company focused on upcoming games.

  • Nintendo has remained evasive about its existence, dodging questions about the new model as recently as last week.
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