Jul 1, 2021 - Technology

Sony buys another studio

A photo of Playstation and Nixxes logos.
Image: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony PlayStation has acquired its second studio of the week, the 22-year-old Dutch company Nixxes.

Why it matters: Sony PlayStation is on a shopping spree, though Nixxes isn't a company many predicted would wind up in its cart.

  • Nixxes' website crashed this morning after Sony's announcement, no doubt due to people trying to figure out just what Nixxes does.
  • Unlike Sony's last two big acquisitions, Nixxes isn't a flashy studio known for making its own highly respected games.

Nixxes specializes in PC development and recently handled ports of numerous games from Square Enix, including "Marvel's Avengers."

  • That background is fueling speculation that Sony will tap Nixxes to help bring more PlayStation games to PC, a recent market expansion maneuver Sony has said it will continue.
  • Nixxes will join the PlayStation Studios Technology Creative & Services Group "to provide high quality in-house technical and development capabilities for PlayStation Studios," according to the official announcement.

What they're saying: At a 2017 talk at the Game Developers Conference, company founder Jurjen Katsman explained what Nixxes does:

"We do actual real game content development, we do engine development, but one thing that has sort of been with us from the start is PC ports. And ports are a bit of a dirty word and we like to pride ourselves in the fact that our port is not a dirty thing by itself. It really becomes a quality product."
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