Jun 29, 2021 - Technology

Marvel's next big mobile game

Screenshot from the video game Marvel Future Revolution

Image: Marvel/Netmarble

Marvel may be a better-known company in the west, but Korean mobile gaming giant Netmarble will be the creative force to watch when the companies launch an open-world role-playing game called "Marvel Future Revolution" later this year.

Why it matters: The power of modern phones is emboldening studios to make the kinds of games that previously would have only been expected on PCs and consoles.

  • "Marvel Future Revolution" will let players fight and talk their way through zones based on various interpretations of the Marvel super-hero universe.
  • The developers say players will explore huge areas that they'll share with other players.

What they're saying: "We forecast open world will become one of the major genres [on mobile] in the future," Netmarble U.S. president Simon Sim told Axios during a demonstration of the game.

  • Open-world games allow players to explore vast worlds, freeing them from the restrictions of linear corridor-based layouts.
  • Such games are rare on mobile due to their technical complexity and the presumed appetite of the audience, but miHoYo's open-world "Genshin Impact" proved a huge hit on mobile last year, earning $1 billion in its first six months, according to Sensor Tower.

What's next: Netmarble is promising hosts of characters, costumes, multiplayer options, added zones and additional story, suggesting this is a long-term project for the studio.

  • Marvel's last ambitious super-hero team game, "Marvel's Avengers" from Square Enix, was one of the most high-profile flops of last year due to disappointing gameplay, but Marvel and Netmarble officials declined to say if they learned any lessons from that.
  • Instead, they pointed to their last collaboration, "Marvel Future Fight," a simpler game which has drawn 120 million players.
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