Jun 28, 2021 - Politics & Policy

Pelosi moves to establish 13-member committee to probe Capitol riot

Photo of Nancy Pelosi in a white suit and blue heels walking in the Capitol hallway

Photo: Caroline Brehman/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday introduced a resolution to establish a House select committee with 13 appointed members, five of whom will be chosen after consultation with the GOP, to probe the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Why it matters: Democrats and Republicans remain at odds over whether the Capitol insurrection warrants a 9/11-style independent commission. After the commission failed to pass the Senate, Pelosi said she would take the matter into her own hands.

  • The committee will investigate the "domestic terrorist attack upon the United States Capitol Complex," as well as security failures and the transfer of power, according to the resolution. Pelosi will designate the committee chair.
  • There is so far no deadline for its final report, but the committee will be able to convey interim findings and legislative recommendations. It will also have the power issue subpoenas.

What she's saying: "January 6th was one of the darkest days in our nation’s history," Pelosi said in a statement. "It is imperative that we establish the truth of that day and ensure such an attack cannot again happen."

  • "Senate Republicans did Mitch McConnell a 'personal favor' rather than their patriotic duty and voted against the bipartisan commission negotiated by Democrats and Republicans," she added. "But Democrats are determined to find the truth."

Worth noting: Over three dozen Republicans backed the 9/11-style independent commission earlier this month, per Politico.

What's next: The House is expected to vote on the resolution Wednesday.

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