Jun 21, 2021 - Technology

The world's most tweeted games

Screenshot of a video game with 4 female animated characters.

Image: miHoYo

Chinese gaming sensation "Genshin Impact" has been tweeted about more than any other game on the platform, according to data that Twitter shared with Axios.

Why it matters: Tweets don't necessarily sell more copies of games, but they can convey the excitement around what people are playing.

Here's the full list of top-tweeted games in 2021:

  1. "Genshin Impact"
  2. "Apex Legends"
  3. "Ensemble Stars!"
  4. "Final Fantasy VII: Remake"
  5. "Animal Crossing"
  6. "Knives Out"
  7. "Fortnite"
  8. "Monster Hunter"
  9. "Fate/Grand Order"
  10. "Minecraft"

Between the lines: The battle royale game "Knives Out" (no, it's not tied to the Rian Johnson movie) and "Ensemble Stars!" are hits in Japan.

As for E3:

  • The most tweeted games were "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel," "Elden Ring," "Battlefield 2042," "Halo Infinite," and "Forza Horizon 5."
  • The most tweeted video from E3 was the trailer for "Elden Ring."

One more list: Most Talked Esports Leagues (Globally, YTD)

  2. Call of Duty League (@CODLeague)
  3. Overwatch League (@OverwatchLeague)
  4. VALORANT Champions Tour (@VALORANTEsports)
  5. League of Legends European Championship (@LEC)
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