Jun 15, 2021 - Sports

How all 24 Euro 2020 countries have fared with COVID-19 and vaccines

Euro 2020 nations and COVID-19
Data: Our World in Data and Public Health England; Table: Danielle Alberti/Axios

Euro 2020 is among the first major global sporting events to take place in the waning days of the pandemic, providing a chance to explore how 24 different countries have responded to COVID-19.

Why it matters: Though 11 countries share hosting duties, the tournament offers a preview of next month's Olympics, when athletes from over 200 countries will descend on Tokyo.


  • Three of 24 participating nations have administered over 100 vaccines per 100 people (the number can exceed 100 because of two-dose vaccinations), and they're all in the U.K. (Wales, Scotland, England).
  • Spain nearly saw its Euro chances blow up at the 11th hour, when captain Sergio Busquets tested positive, forcing coach Luis Enrique to assemble a backup squad on the fly in case of an outbreak (they weren't ultimately needed).
  • Russia and Ukraine's low vaccination rates can be largely explained by the vestige of Soviet distrust in vaccines, which persists today.

Meanwhile, in South America ... Copa América also kicked off this weekend, with 10 countries battling it out in Brazil, which is still in the throes of its own COVID nightmare.

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