Jun 4, 2021 - Science

U.S. report does not rule out existence of alien technology in UFOs

A government report did not find evidence of the existence of alien technology in unidentified flying objects, but it also does not offer a definitive conclusion on what the strange flying objects are, the New York Times reports.

The state of play: The report says that over 100 UFO incidents — many of which were witnessed by Navy personnel — did not originate from any government program, per the Times.

  • Officials said that they "could not definitively rule out theories that the phenomena observed by military pilots might be alien spacecraft," the Times writes.
  • The report will also include a classified annex. Officials told the Times that while the annex does not offer any conclusion on alien spacecrafts, its classified nature would fuel theories that the government knows about alien life.

The big picture: "UFO videos — and the mysteries they hold — have captured the collective imaginations of the public and the media, with many speculating that they're hints that aliens with faster-than-light technology have visited Earth," Axios' Miriam Kramer writes.

What to watch: The report is expected to be presented to Congress by the end of the month, according to the Times.

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