Jun 2, 2021 - Politics & Policy

Mueller to help teach university course on Mueller investigation

Picture of Robert Mueller

Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

The University of Virginia announced on Wednesday that it will start offering a new course on the Mueller investigation, and students will hear from Robert Mueller himself.

Details: Starting this fall, students at the UVA School of Law will be able to take the course, titled The Mueller Report and the Role of the Special Counsel, which will offer an inside look at the almost two-year investigation into former President Trump's dealings with Russia and Russia's possible interference in the 2016 election.

  • Mueller will teach the course alongside Aaron Zebley, Jim Quarles and Andrew Goldstein, all of whom worked with him during the investigation. UVA said Mueller will lead at least one class out of the six in-person sessions taking place this fall.
  • Mueller said he hopes to bring other top prosecutors as guest speakers during the term.
  • The course will begin with the start of the investigation and Mueller's appointment as special counsel. It will then focus on the special counsel's relationship with Congress and the Justice Department, how the investigation related to the White House and the Roger Stone prosecution.
    • Other topics will include obstruction of justice, presidential accountability and what role the special counsel plays in that accountability.

What he's saying: "I was fortunate to attend UVA Law School after the Marine Corps, and I’m fortunate to be returning there now," Mueller said.

  • "I look forward to engaging with the students this fall."
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