May 28, 2021 - Health

Many COVID-19 vaccine holdouts are still waiting on full FDA approval

Data: Kaiser Family Foundation; Chart: Will Chase/Axios

One of biggest factors to convince many holdouts to get a shot could simply be full FDA approval, according to the latest KFF COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor.

Driving the news: Nearly a third (32%) of unvaccinated adults polled by KFF, including 44% of those identified as being in the "wait and see" group, said they'd be more likely to get a shot it received full approval.

  • Smaller numbers of people said they'd be motivated by various financial incentives.
  • For instance, 15% said they'd be more likely to get a shot if they were offered $100 from their state government while 11% said free tickets to a sporting event or concert would make them more likely to get a vaccine.
  • Financial incentives were most attractive to Black, Hispanic and low-income respondents.

The other side: Among those who identified themselves as vaccinated and not ready to get the vaccine, 41% said they have felt "unfairly pressured."

  • That pressure, they said, was most often coming from the government (36%), the media (19%), society in general (14%) and their friends, family, or coworkers (12%).

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