May 13, 2021 - World

By the numbers: How countries are faring on COVID vaccinations

COVID-19 vaccinations by country
Note: This map represents the total number of vaccines administered, not people vaccinated; Data: Our World in Data; Map: Danielle Alberti/Axios

About 150 million vaccine doses were administered globally over the past week, the highest weekly total yet and a jump from 130 million last week.

Breaking it down: In the U.S., daily vaccinations peaked in mid-April and fell sharply as demand waned, though they've ticked up over the past few days (46% of the population has at least one dose).

  • In China, daily vaccinations have more than doubled over the past month and are now on par with the U.S., adjusted for population, though there's still a big gap in the overall vaccination rate. China now accounts for around one-third of every vaccination administered worldwide each day.
  • The EU is now carrying out more daily vaccinations per 100 residents than both the U.S. and China, having shaken off a slow initial rollout (30% have one dose).
  • India's vaccination rate has slowed significantly over the last month due to supply shortfalls (10% have one dose).
  • Russia's domestic rollout is moving remarkably slow due to a combination of manufacturing issues, widespread hesitancy and an emphasis on exports (9% have one dose).
  • Japan's start has been even slower, due in part to a low sense of urgency, though the numbers have been ticking up over the past few days (3% have one dose).
  • Across Africa, an average of 397,000 doses is being administered per day. At that rate, it would take 11 years for 60% of the continent's population to be fully vaccinated (1% have one dose).
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