Apr 26, 2021 - Politics & Policy

Family attorneys: Police shot Andrew Brown Jr. in back of head as he drove away

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Khalil Ferebee (center) and Jamiere Revelle (left), sons of Andrew Brown Jr., at a press conference addressing their father's death at the hands of police. Photo: Sean Rayford via Getty Images

Sheriff's deputies in North Carolina fatally shot a Black man in the back of his head, killing him as his hands were on the car's steering wheel, attorneys for the family said Monday.

What they're saying: Andrew Brown Jr. was backing up his vehicle and tried to drive away during the encounter with police, according to attorney Chantel Cherry-Lassiter. "He was not threatening them in any kind of fashion," she told reporters at a news conference.

  • The deputies were serving warrants, according Fox6.
  • Lassiter said she watched the video multiple times and noted that the shooting starts as soon as the video begins. At least eight deputies appear in the video, she said.
  • "They’re shooting and saying 'let me see your hands' at the same time," she said. "His car is riddled with bullets."
  • An eyewitness account and emergency scanner traffic had previously signaled that deputies shot Brown as he tried to drive away, AP reports.
  • "He got executed," Khalil Ferebee, one of Brown's sons, said at the press conference as he grew emotional. "It ain't right."
  • But authorities only showed the family 20 seconds of the video, and only footage from a single body camera, according to the family's lawyers.
    • "They’re trying to hide something," attorney Benjamin Crump said.

A search warrant was released Monday saying deputies confronted Brown after he was recorded selling small amounts of cocaine and meth to an informant, per AP.

  • Crump argued the department is trying to sway public opinion about Brown to protect itself while withholding the entire video.

The big picture: The State Bureau of Investigation is looking into the shooting, but authorities have released few details, AP notes.

  • The killing led to protests and repeated demands for police to release the full video.
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