Apr 25, 2021 - Science

Millions in Central U.S. brace for extreme weather this week

A lightning bolt above a night-time cityscape.

A lightning strikes a building during a thunderstorm. Photo: Mladen Antonov/AFP via Getty Images

A storm system moving eastward from California could hit Central U.S. mid-week, per CNN.

Driving the news: Starting Tuesday, the area stretching from Wichita, Kansas, to San Angelo, Texas may be subject to extreme weather that includes "damaging winds, hail and tornadoes," writes CNN.

  • The storms may worsen during the week.
  • Areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri could receive between four to six inches of rain and be subject to flash floods.

What they're saying: "This could be the most substantial threat of the year so far in Oklahoma and Kansas," said Taylor Ward, a CNN meteorologist. "While this may be a bit late in the spring, this is certainly not unusual, as late April and May is the peak for severe weather in the Southern Plains."

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