Apr 20, 2021 - Politics & Policy

Van Jones: Chauvin verdict the "beginning of something"

CNN commentator Van Jones praised the guilty verdict handed down in the Derek Chauvin trial, saying, "that is what justice looks like" while noting that more work needs to be done to advance the cause of civil rights.

Why it matters: The Chauvin murder trial verdict is a rare conviction of a police officer, and many advocates expect it to be a crucial civil rights case in the fight for racial justice in the years to come.

What he's saying: "This is the beginning of something. This is not the end of anything," Jones said, calling upon Congress to act and pointing out what needs to change moving forward.

  • "Those chokeholds are still legal according to the federal government. That needs to change. There's no duty to intervene from the federal government. That needs to change. There's no registry for cops like Chauvin. That needs to change."
  • "I've seen so many kids who have done so much less than him walk out of courtrooms in handcuffs."
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