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Watch: A conversation on immigration policy

On Thursday, April 15 Axios justice & race reporter Russell Contreras hosted a conversation on immigration policy, featuring Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-Texas) and president of The LIBRE Initiative Daniel Garza.

Rep. Castro discussed the crisis at the border, the legacy of immigration in America, and his concerns about Title 42 being used as a means to expel refugees rightfully seeking asylum.

  • On congressional delegations making trips to the U.S.-Mexico border: "[These visits] have affirmed that our system for how we handle asylum-seekers...is broken. Our immigration system is broken."
  • On immigrants being used as scapegoats by politicians: "There's a history in our country, an ugly history of people using groups of people to scare others for political gain."

Daniel Garza discussed the goals of the LIBRE Initiative, a libertarian approach to immigration, and the need for a bipartisan approach to immigration.

  • On the long history and vital importance of immigration to the U.S.: "Throughout the arc of history, America has been strengthened because of immigrants that have come to America and we need to honor that legacy."
  • On Democratic and Republican consensus on immigration issues: "One party doesn't get to define what immigration reform is. They both have to come together and reach a consensus. And America is made stronger when the voices on both sides can come together and strike a balance between security and entry."

Axios Vice President of Growth Mia Vallo hosted a View from the Top Segment with Head of U.S. Local Media Relations at Bank of America Carla Molina, who discussed the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on the Latino community. She unpacked Bank of America's multi-pronged approach to addressing systemic inequities focusing on health, small businesses, homeownership, and education.

  • "It's important to note that this commitment is really grounded in a long history ...Given everything that we saw [with the pandemic], it was important for us to really double down our efforts."

Thank you Bank of America for sponsoring this event.

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