Apr 1, 2021 - Economy

Biden stock market outperforming predecessors

President Biden doesn't publicly talk about stock market performance during his time in office, but he's slightly outpacing his more boastful predecessor.

By the numbers: The S&P 500 increased by 4.6% during the first 50 trading days of the Biden presidency, from market close on Jan. 19 to market close on March 31. Trump's first 50-day bump was 4.4%, whereas President Obama was down 6.1%.

  • Biden also outperformed Trump in terms of Dow Jones Industrial Average performance, but Trump topped Biden on NASDAQ Composite performance.

Between the lines: Every president inherits different economic conditions.

  • Biden arrived near the end of a devastating pandemic, with business optimism growing.
  • Trump took office amidst a years-long bull market.
  • Obama was inaugurated with the economy still in freefall from the 2008 financial crisis.
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