Mar 26, 2021 - Health

70% of the world could be vaccinated this year

Illustration of the earth wearing a bandage.

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

12 billion doses of 13 different vaccines could become available by the end of the year — enough to vaccinate 70% of the globe, a new analysis from the Duke Global Health Innovation Center shows.

Yes, but: Key barriers, like unpredictable manufacturing and the variants, make it difficult to ensure supply can be distributed equitably, the report says.

The big picture: Many wealthy countries including the U.S. have taken a nationalistic approach to vaccine doses, which has fueled a huge gap in supply.

What they're saying: "Alongside the challenge of vaccine nationalism, our work highlights that manufacturing and supply issues remain the critical barriers," Andrea Taylor, lead researcher for the Launch and Scale Speedometer program, said in the analysis.

  • "There is very little transparency in the landscape, so it is difficult for country leaders to assess the feasibility of delivery schedules or to understand the risks and contingencies.”
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