Mar 2, 2021 - World

Vaccine hesitancy is fading in U.S. and Europe

Vaccine hesitancy is fading, according to a poll of six countries shared with Axios by strategic consulting firm Kekst CNC.

Zoom in: Brits have embraced the national vaccination mission, with a whopping 89% willing to be vaccinated.

  • 77% in the U.K. approve of their country’s vaccine rollout vs. 28% in the U.S., 18% in France and 17% in Japan. EU members tend to think the bloc has botched the rollout thus far.
  • Brits are also the most likely to support “vaccine passports” that allow those who are vaccinated to travel and access events, with 65% approving vs. 50% in the U.S. and 41% in Germany.

The flipside: People in all six countries believe the pandemic is far from over, with just 25% of Americans believing their country won’t face another wave of the virus and 9–16% agreeing in the other five.

  • In all six countries, majorities think some restrictions should remain in place even after most adults have been vaccinated.
  • Those believing they’ll never face another lockdown are in the minority in all six countries, though Americans (39%) and Germans (38%) are the most optimistic.
  • Americans (31%) are also most likely to believe they’ll be able to take a vacation abroad this summer if they choose. Just 13% in the U.K. and 8% in Japan agree.
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