Feb 25, 2021 - Economy

New delivery fees hit Twin Cities customers

An illustration showing a screenshot of DoorDash and UberEats. The DoorDash screenshot reads "Regulatory response fee" and the Uber Eats screenshot reads "what's this charge?"

New fee alerts on DoorDash (left) and UberEats (right). Photos: Doordash/UberEats

At least two major food delivery apps have added new fees for customers in the Twin Cities.

Driving the news: DoorDash users might notice a $1.50 "regulatory response fee" added to their total, while UberEats is charging a $1 "temporary local fee." The increases come after Minneapolis and St. Paul temporarily capped what the companies can charge restaurants for using the platform.

What they're saying: A DoorDash spokesperson confirmed the company is "charging customers a small, additional fee" in markets that passed pricing caps.

  • "We realize this isn’t ideal, but with these regulations in place, these fees help us to continue providing convenient delivery for customers, meaningful earning opportunities for Dashers, and valuable services that help drive orders for merchants," she said.

Uber spokesperson Robert Kellman cited a similar rationale, saying the increase is needed to "maintain a reliable delivery marketplace."

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