Jan 26, 2021 - Health

Israel leads in global race to vaccinate

Netanyahu receiving the covid vaccine.

Israeli Prime Minister Minister Benjamin Netanyahu receives the coronavirus vaccine. Photo: Miriam Alster/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Israel has administered one vaccine dose to a a remarkable 44% of its population, with the UAE (26%), Seychelles (19%), U.K. (10%), Bahrain (8%) and U.S. (7%) following behind, per Our World in Data.

The flipside: Just 2% of EU residents have received their first shot, leading to consternation across the continent about the slow rollout.

  • India has also run into early hurdles, including a malfunctioning appointments app and lower than expected uptake among health care workers, some of whom fear side effects, particularly from an Indian vaccine that was approved prior to phase three trials, per WSJ.

Good news: Early data from Israel suggests that almost no one who received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine has come down with a symptomatic case of COVID-19.

Between the lines: Two dozen countries are counting on Chinese vaccines, which Beijing had hoped would become a symbol of China's scientific development and global clout, the NY Times notes.

  • But China has been slow to provide doses, and new data suggests the vaccines are less effective than expected. A YouGov poll of 17 countries found that most would distrust vaccines developed in China.
  • Now, Chinese state media outlets are spreading disinformation casting doubts on the effectiveness of American and European vaccines.
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