Nov 16, 2020 - Science

Crewed SpaceX capsule docks to International Space Station

Two astronauts using a screen inside of the Crew Dragon vehicle

Two crewmembers using the tablets inside the Crew Dragon as it is docked to the ISS. Photo: NASA TV

The International Space Station has four new crewmembers delivered to the orbiting outpost care of SpaceX.

Why it matters: This mission marks the first fully operational flight of the Crew Dragon and ushers in a new era of regular, human missions to orbit operated by SpaceX for NASA.

Where it stands: NASA astronauts Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, Shannon Walker and Japan's Soichi Noguchi docked to the space station at 11 p.m. Monday ET.

  • The Crew Dragon launched to orbit from Florida on Sunday evening.
  • The four crewmembers spent about 27 hours in transit, eating, sleeping and monitoring the spacecraft's controls during their trip.

1 fun thing: The four astronauts were joined aboard their capsule by a Baby Yoda plush doll that served as an indicator for when the crew was in zero-gravity.

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