Nov 13, 2020 - Economy

Ford launches electric cargo van priced under $45,000

The Ford E-Transit van. Courtesy of Ford

The Ford E-Transit van. Courtesy of Ford

The latest step in Ford's foray into electric vehicles is a cargo van arriving late next year with a starting price under $45,000.

Why it matters: Ford wants to defend its hold on the commercial vehicle market where there's growing demand for electric delivery and utility vans by companies looking to make good on carbon-cutting pledges or comply with new rules.

Driving the news: Thursday's rollout of the E-Transit makes this point in all kinds of ways.

  • The range isn't huge — 126 miles — but neither is the cost, and it makes sense for vehicles that operate in urban delivery routes with access to centralized charging.
  • Ted Cannis, a top exec in Ford's commercial business, called it "ideal for commercial customers who know their drive routes and often work in urban environments."
  • They're also touting an optional feature called the Pro Power Onboard, which provides enough mobile power to run "everything from belt sanders to circular saws."

Of note: Part of the van's rollout is making the case that the transition for existing customers would be seamless.

  • Ford emphasized that its new electric van has the same interior cargo dimensions and mounting points for racks, bins and so forth as the internal combustion version Transit model.
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