Nov 3, 2020 - Economy

VC posts photo standing beside what appears to be a racist symbol

Sterling Witzke, a partner with Winklevoss Capital, on Monday posted an Instagram picture of herself at a Trump rally next to a man who appears to be making a racist "white power" symbol with his hand, based on a screenshot obtained by Axios.

Instagram screenshot.

Why it matters: Winklevoss Capital is one of the most active investment firms in the blockchain space, and Witzke has been an investor there for more than six years. She also advises the Green Bay Packers' investment arm.

What she's saying: Witzke, whose Instagram profile is private, emailed the following statement to Axios:

"I’m thankful that this has been brought to my attention. I had no idea, and I obviously regret posting this image. This was an honest mistake and in no way reflects my values or beliefs."

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