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Watch: The science of organizational change

On Tuesday, October 6, Axios' Erica Pandey hosted a conversation on how business dynamics have shifted and how companies are building capacity for ongoing change, featuring MassMutual CEO Roger Crandall, Clorox Senior Vice President Troy Datcher and Doctor on Demand CEO Hill Ferguson.

Roger Crandall discussed MassMutual’s transition to remote work and its capacity for change and innovation during the pandemic.

  • On innovating during the pandemic: “We are absolutely moving forward right now…We pivoted [the LifeBridge program] to a program we call HealthBridge, giving free life insurance to frontline health care workers.”
  • On MassMutual’s larger purpose and his Business Roundtable membership: “We see the racial injustice going on in the country...We think business has to do something about it. So I’m really proud that MassMutual is very actively involved in that effort.”
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Troy Datcher unpacked Clorox’s growth and the unprecedented demand for its disinfecting products throughout the pandemic.

  • "We manufactured over 450 cleaning items before the pandemic, and today we produce 45...We first and foremost looked at those items that provided disinfecting properties."
  • On continuing to grow: Partnerships with folks like United Airlines, Uber and AMC theaters give confidence to people as they leave their home to go out into their communities. Clorox is growing and helping to provide a safer environment for them.

Doctor on Demand CEO Hill Ferguson discussed the effect of the pandemic on telemedicine and the realization that held beliefs about patient care aren’t always true.

  • "It's pulled our industry forward by a number of years...What's happened has been far more than just the coronavirus. The whole industry has changed."
  • On health care that could move permanently online: “We were seeing strong growth coming into the pandemic with our mental health practice. It’s only going to continue...Most people feel more comfortable talking to a therapist from their home.

Axios Chief People Officer Dominique Taylor hosted a View from the Top segment with Boston Consulting Group Managing Director and Senior Partner Luke Pototschnik who discussed the acceleration of trends, like online penetration, and strategic moments for change brought on by the pandemic.

  • On taking back control of this moment: “I think leveraging funding from inside the organization to fund top line growth is where companies are getting back on the offense.”
  • On how larger organizations can move quickly in this moment: “Appoint chief transformation officers, oftentimes reporting to the CEO, that have the ability to look across the organization and help make decisions quickly.”
  • “Transformation is no longer an event. Really, it needs to be an ongoing capability.”

Thank you Boston Consulting Group for sponsoring this event.

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