Sep 27, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Ex-White House counsel Don McGahn: Trump "deserves" four more years

Former White House counsel Don McGahn, who was a key witness in special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe, told CBS' "Face the Nation" Sunday he believes Donald Trump deserves four more years as president.

The big picture: McGahn's relationship with Trump soured in 2018 before he ultimately resigned from his position. McGahn would go on to appear in 66 pages of Mueller's 448-page report as part of the volume on Trump's possible obstruction of justice.

  • The report describes a moment in which McGahn refused to comply with an order to have the Justice Department fire Mueller.

What he's saying: McGahn said Trump deserved another four years because of his record pace appointing judges to the federal bench and because the economy is "going wonderfully."

  • "He made a number of promises on the campaign trail, one is his judicial selection, which he's done. He's had a record number of judges out there — on the circuit courts."
  • Worth noting: McGahn did not specifically say that he is voting for Trump.

Between the lines: "Despite calling Trump 'King Kong' behind back for unnecessary destruction and having to serve as chief witness against him in Mueller investigation, McGahn believes so much in mission of remaking federal judiciary that he says Trump deserves 4 more years," tweeted NY Times' Michael Schmidt.

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