Sep 22, 2020 - Economy

Dunkin' Brands CFO: COVID-19 accelerated app usage, digital services

Kate Jaspon, the chief financial officer of Dunkin' Brands

Kate Jaspon, the chief financial officer of Dunkin' Brands (right). Photo: Axios

About 20% of Dunkin' Brands' customer transactions are digital in some form, Kate Jaspon, the company's chief financial officer, said Tuesday during an Axios virtual event.

Why it matters: Many restaurants and fast-food chains have had to drastically change or speed up their investment in technology services to make orders hands-free, cashless and safer for customers and workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The state of play: Jaspon said their app, perks, curbside pickup and drive-thru options have made it easier for people to access coffee and drinks that are not so easy to make at home.

  • "It’s really about providing products that apply to all different demographics and really provide a product that is not something the consumer can make at home and maybe provides them with a nice break from reality," she said.
  • "Now-days I like to joke that folks get 'Zoomed out' and they need to get out and get a break, and so it’s important to have these products."

Yes, but: Companies that push cashless or virtual-only payment options often leave some demographic groups out of the mix. Jaspon said Dunkin' franchisees accept all forms of payment during the pandemic.

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