Sep 17, 2020 - Health

Poll: Biden beats Trump on health care, but it's not the top issue

Reproduced from the Kaiser Family Foundation; Chart: Axios Visuals

Swing voters in three swing states prefer Joe Biden over President Trump on health care and the coronavirus — but those aren't their most important issues, according to the latest KFF-Cook Political Report poll.

The big picture: The economy is the most important issue to these voters, and they give the advantage there to Trump. But Biden dominates the next tier of issues in this poll of swing voters in Arizona, Florida and North Carolina.

Details: Between 32% and 38% of swing voters in the three states picked the economy as their most important issue, far ahead of health care, policing, or the coronavirus, and they gave Trump a 7-12-point lead over Biden on the economy.

  • But Biden has a 7-11 point lead with voters on the coronavirus, and a 7-9 point lead on health.
  • Also in Biden’s favor. Swing voters in these states are younger, and are largely political moderates and independents.

Between the lines: The election is more about President Trump than it is a deep dive into issues. But the issues do matter.

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