Sep 8, 2020 - Technology

Mark Zuckerberg: Apple's App Store behavior "deserves scrutiny"

Mark Zuckerberg told "Axios on HBO" that he believes Apple has "unilateral control of what gets on phones, in terms of apps," when asked if he believes that the product-driven company is a monopoly.

What he's saying: "I think it's probably about 50% of Americans who have smart phones, and a lot more people around the world. I think there are more than a billion Apple devices," Zuckerberg said in an interview with Axios' Mike Allen.

  • "So, I do think that there are questions that people should be looking into about that control of the App store and whether that is enabling as robust of a competitive dynamic."

Of note: Zuckerberg did not specify if the government should investigate, saying: "I think I'm not necessarily the person to answer that. ... I think some of the behavior certainly raises questions. And I do think it's something that deserves scrutiny."

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