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Riot declared in Portland again as protesters rally at police union building


Portland police officers pursue a crowd on Aug. 1. Photo: Nathan Howard/Getty Images

Police declared a riot in Portland again overnight, as protesters rallied at the same police union building demonstrators broke into and set a fire at the previous night, per AP.

What's new: The latest protest was short-lived, according to AP. Police declared another riot early Monday as some demonstrators marched through the streets. "Failure to adhere to this order may subject you to arrest or citation, and may subject you to the use of crowd control agents, impact weapons, or tear gas," the police tweeted.

Why it matters: Violent demonstrations have continued in the city more than 70 days after nationwide protests began over the police killing of George Floyd. They have persisted despite the withdrawal of federal agents, who have been accused of escalating the violence in Portland.

  • Officers said they used flash bangs and smoke canisters to force protesters away from the burning building, until the crowd dispersed at around 2am.
  • Three officers were hurt during efforts to clear the protests, including two who were hospitalized.

Worth noting: The protests were "noticeably smaller" than the thousands who showed up for about two weeks in July to protest the federal authorities in the city, according to AP.

Editor's note: This article has been updated with the latest on the Portland protests.

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