Jul 20, 2020 - Health

Young people are the most likely to want to head back to the office

Reproduced from CivicScience; Note: ±3.3% margin of error; Chart: Axios Visuals

Americans' comfort level with returning to their offices for work breaks down along a number of interesting demographic lines, new data from CivicScience shows.

The state of play: Men are 20% more likely than women to prefer returning to in-person work and young people (ages 18–24) are the most likely to prefer returning to the office.

  • 42% of young people 18–24 say they would prefer going back to the office rather than staying remote or even having a combination of both options.
  • The youngest workers are also the most likely (44%) to say they have been significantly less productive than usual working from home.
  • Just behind the youngest respondents, 32% of Americans over 55 say they would prefer returning to the office — four and eight percentage points higher than respondents ages 35–54 and 25–34, respectively.
  • 48% of U.S. adults overall working remotely during the pandemic say they have been just as productive as usual.
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