Jul 19, 2020 - Health

LA mayor says city is "on the brink" of needing another stay-at-home order

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday that the city is "on the brink" of needing another stay-at-home order, as new coronavirus cases continue to surge in California and across the U.S.

The state of play: Garcetti said a stay-at-home order would likely come at the state or county level. Los Angeles County reported 2,770 new cases and 37 more deaths on Saturday, bringing its total to 153,041 cases and 4,084 fatalities, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

What he's saying: Asked by CNN's Jake Tapper about "what went wrong" after California appeared to be in good shape, Garcetti blamed a "lack of national leadership" and said that people became "exhausted" by lockdown restrictions.

  • "They were sold a bill of goods. They said this was under control. They said this would be over soon. And I think when leaders say that, people react. And they do the wrong things. They stop distancing themselves. They stop washing their hands. They stop wearing masks," Garcetti said.
  • "We know this will be a marathon," he continued. "Stop telling people this will be over soon. Let people know that this is a marathon, that we have to kind of push through every single mile. And if we don't come together as a nation with national leadership, we will see more people die."
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