May 12, 2020 - Energy & Environment

A bridge between CO2 plans and the coronavirus response

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Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Coming soon (perhaps) to a country near you: A coronavirus-Paris climate deal crossover.

Driving the news: The World Bank wants to help nations ensure their upcoming emissions pledges under the Paris climate agreement are transformed into a "pipeline of shovel-ready activities."

Why it matters: The plan signals how multilateral institutions want climate-friendly investments stitched into the fabric of huge economic recovery packages.

Catch up fast: This year, countries are supposed to submit revised pledges, called "nationally determined contributions," ahead of what was slated to be a pivotal UN climate summit in November.

  • The event has been postponed until some time next year due to the pandemic.
  • But the World Bank says countries should nonetheless look at the NDCs and other climate plans as components of their coronavirus response.

How it works: Bank officials are offering guidance to governments for how to integrate NDCs into stimulus packages.

  • "Building the bridge between NDCs and a sustainable recovery will require significant coordination, both between the ministries of each government and externally, including with international institutions," World Bank officials said in a post on the topic last week.

But, but, but: It's not clear how many countries will buy into the idea of "green" economic recovery packages, which brings me to this Reuters piece...

"[T]here are already signs that China and other Asian giants like South Korea and Japan will steer recovery funds into struggling coal-focused state financers, equipment suppliers and construction firms."

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