May 7, 2020 - Health

Coronavirus hospitalization may be "disqualifying" for military recruits

US Army personnel is posted at the entry point to the test site, in Brooklyn, New York,

U.S. Army personnel posted at the entry point to a Brooklyn test site. Photo: John Lamparski/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The U.S. military is considering making a hospitalization for coronavirus a "disqualifying" condition for new recruits, reports Fox News.

Why it matters: It highlights the limited research on the long-term effects and damage of coronavirus — as a history of other viral, non-chronic illnesses does not prevent people from joining — and it comes as the military prepares for the rush of post-graduation recruits during the summer and fall.

  • Recruits can apply for waivers if they're marked as having a disqualifying condition.
  • Worth noting: The Military Times first reported on a military processing memo that indicated even more strict possible conditions — that just a positive coronavirus test would be marked as disqualifying.

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