Apr 4, 2020 - Economy

Ramen sales jump as Americans stockpile for coronavirus

Ramen stacked on top of each other

Photo: Rita Maas/Getty Images

Online ramen noodle sales have skyrocketed 578% between Feb. 23 and March 21, as American consumers continue to stash reserves of non-perishables during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a company presentation cited by Bloomberg.

The big picture: Sales of shelf-stable products, including pastas and canned soups, have swelled more than 400% in recent weeks. However, consumers' spending habits throughout the outbreak have recently shifted to office supplies, toys and exercise equipment — a period Walmart has dubbed "Restricted Living," Bloomberg writes.

Zoom in: Walmart has experienced a 17% increase in sales in recent weeks, compared to the same time last year.

The pressure of keeping up with demand has also pushed Walmart to limit the number of customers in-stores starting Saturday. The retail giant's online traffic could surge even more as it imposes customer limits in its stores.

The impact: This provides a look into how Americans are handling the stress of being stuck at home as the World Health Organization urges countries to maintain strong restrictions. Americans' stockpiling of goods has resulted in supply chain bottlenecks as manufacturers try to increase production.

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