Mar 30, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Cuomo: Engaging in politics during coronavirus crisis is "anti-American"

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said during a Monday press briefing that he won't get into a political tussle with President Trump — calling it "counterproductive" and "anti-American" — as his state deals with the most confirmed coronavirus cases in the country.

The backdrop: Trump said during an appearance on "Fox & Friends" earlier Monday that Cuomo has received high polling numbers during the outbreak because New York has received federal aid.

What he said:

"I said to the president quite clearly, look, when you do good things for my state and you're a good partner, I will be the first one to say you're a good partner — and I have. I went to the ship Comfort today and I said, "Thank you Mr. President." We opened up this Javits Center, I said thank you to the Army. They did a great job here, the Army Corps of Engineers. When you help my state, I will say thank you. If I believe that New York is not being served, the federal legislation that they passed, I will say that, too, you know? Sometimes it's simple. Just tell the truth, right? 
And that's where we are. Tell the truth. If you are doing the right thing by New York, I'll say it. If he's doing the wrong thing by New York or the rest of the country, I'll say it. But I'm not going to engage in politics. Not because I'm unwilling to tangle, but because I think it's inappropriate. And I think it's counterproductive, and I think it's anti-American. Forget the politics. Forget the politics. We have a national crisis. We are at war. There is no politics. There is no red and blue. It's red, white and blue. So let's get over it and, again, lead by example." 
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