Mar 17, 2020 - Science

Website allows space fans to experience Apollo 13 in real time

Astronauts saying goodbye before boarding a space ship.

The Apollo 13 crew back on Earth after their failed Moon mission. Photo: NASA

A new website lets space fans around the world experience the highs, lows, terror and ultimately the joy of the troubled Apollo 13 mission in 1970.

The big picture: This marks the third real-time Apollo website released to date. Apollo 11 and Apollo 17 also got this treatment from creator Ben Feist.

Details: The website uses audio, photos and TV broadcasts to allow users to either experience the mission in real time or pick and choose what to listen to and revisit.

  • You can start with a minute until launch or join the mission in progress.
  • Users can also search their favorite moments in a handy transcript — just don't try to find "Houston, we have a problem." (Instead, search for "Houston, we've had a problem.")

My thought bubble: If you're feeling anything like I am these days, now might be a good time to relive one of the most harrowing and eventually triumphant moments in spaceflight history. Have fun.

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