Mar 15, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Exclusive: Madeleine Westerhout to release Oval Office memoir

Book cover for Off the Record

Cover: Center Street

Madeleine Westerhout, who spent 2½ years as President Trump's Oval Office gatekeeper, will release a frank memoir on Aug. 11 about one mistake that cost her one of the world's most fascinating jobs.

Details: Westerhout, former Director of Oval Office Operations, plans a searing description of a "momentary lapse in judgment that occurred because of too much wine at a dinner."

Westerhout will recount an "off-the-record" dinner with reporters on the road — an age-old White House tradition. Hers had a disastrous fallout when word of what was discussed over drinks got back to the West Wing.

  • Center Street, the publisher, said she plans to hold "accountable the reporters who, according to the author, broke their agreement."
  • The title: "Off the Record."

Westerhout said: "With so many books out there that have attacked President Trump, I feel it is important to share what I see as the other side — the truth —about the man who is a kind and generous boss, a great leader for our country, and someone I grew to deeply admire."

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