Mar 11, 2020 - Economy & Business

Coronavirus fear is low but rising among Americans

Reproduced from CivicScience; Chart: Axios Visuals
Reproduced from CivicScience; Chart: Axios Visuals

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 topped 119,000 globally and rose to 1,039 in the U.S., data show worry is beginning to grow.

What's happening: Only about 26% of Americans currently say they are "very concerned" about a coronavirus epidemic in the U.S., but that number is rising steadily, a new survey from CivicScience provided first to Axios shows.

  • Compared to a week ago, 52% of respondents say they are more concerned than they had been, with 21% saying they are "much more concerned."

The big picture: "Concern is high and more preventative actions like canceling travel plans or stocking up on disinfectants are underway, but we’re not yet seeing people hunkering down in their homes and stocking up on food and other necessities," CivicScience analysts say in the report.

  • "Much like any other consumer trend or behavior, a change in attitude always precedes action — in this case, concern is climbing, economic sentiment is down, and consumers are in the early days of preparing for what’s to come."

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