Mar 1, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Biden on lack of Obama endorsement: "I have to earn this on my own"

Joe Biden said on ABC's "This Week" Sunday that he doesn't believe President Obama's lack of endorsement hurt his campaign, adding: "I don't think it is time. He and I talked about this from the very beginning. I have to earn this on my own."

Why it matters: Some pundits have speculated that the days after Biden's landslide South Carolina victory would be the perfect opportunity for Obama to endorse, giving his vice president a much-needed boost ahead of Super Tuesday.

  • If Obama truly believes that Sen. Bernie Sanders would divide the party and could lose to President Trump, as has been reported, that would make a Biden endorsement even more urgent — considering that Sanders is threatening to run away with an insurmountable delegate lead after Tuesday's contests.

What he's saying:

"Remember, the first thing everybody said when I announced — the Democratic opposition, said, 'Well, Biden feels entitled because he's vice president.' Imagine had the president endorsed me. It would have been, 'Well, Biden thinks he's entitled because the president endorsed him.' The president and I are close friends. And I have no doubt that when I win this nomination that he will be out there full bore for me."
— Joe Biden on ABC's "This Week"

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