Jan 24, 2020 - Science

Trump's Space Force gets a new, recognizable logo

The Starfleet and Space Force logos side by side against a gray background.

Space Force vs Starfleet. Photo: Trump Twitter feed (left)/CBS/Viacom (Right)

The Trump administration's new Space Force logo looks a lot like another space visual: the Star Trek insignia.

Why it matters: The United States Space Force was signed into law at the end of 2019 after President Trump directed the Pentagon to form a new branch of the military dedicated to keeping U.S. assets in space safe.

Between the lines: The Space Force logo is also a play on the Air Force Space Command's logo.

The big picture: Proponents of the Space Force say that the U.S. has fallen behind other nations that have put resources behind weaponizing space.

  • By standing up the Space Force, experts claim that it could help deter further weaponization of space and keep military assets safe in orbit.
  • Yes, but: Others say that a Space Force simply places undue emphasis on the militarization of space instead of focusing on keeping it a peaceful realm.
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