Jan 19, 2020 - Politics & Policy

Graham says Pelosi has "orchestrated the church of holy hell" against Trump

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said on "Fox News Sunday" that when it comes to President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "may pray for him privately, but she's orchestrated the church of holy hell from the time Trump has been sworn in until now."

"You took 48 days to impeach this president. You did not allow him to call any witnesses. He could not have a lawyer present during the House Intel Committee. This has been a partisan railroad job. And you're asking for fairness in the Senate? You violated every norm of what we do."
— Sen. Graham

Why it matters: As one of the president's closest allies in the Senate, Graham's comments are emblematic of Trump's impeachment strategy: Concede nothing and attack Democrats for attempting to "undo" an election.

  • Graham, who has been sworn in as an "impartial juror" in the Senate trial set to kick off this week, also guaranteed that Trump will "get a better deal in the Senate than in the House."

The big picture: Asked about Trump's "mood," Graham said the president is looking forward to having his "day in court," adding: "His mood to go to the State of the Union with this behind him and talk about what he wants to do for the rest of 2020 and what he wants to do for the next four years."

  • "The one thing he talks to me constantly about is, what does the next president do after this if this is successful?" Graham said. "He does not want to legitimatize attack on the presidency. That's my number one goal, is to do this trial in a fashion that no House Republican or Democrat ever will do again what this House did. 

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