Jan 11, 2020

Britain requests extradition of U.S. official's wife charged in deadly crash

Harry Dunn's family and lawyer outside of Buckingham Palace

Harry Dunn's family and their spokesman Radd Seiger. Photo: Peter Summers/Getty Images

The British government has formally requested the extradition of Anne Sacoolas, whose husband was an intelligence officer at a British military base, from the U.S., AP writes.

The intrigue: The State Department calls the request "highly inappropriate," because she had diplomatic immunity at the time of the crash

Context: Sacoolas' car collided with 19-year-old Harry Dunn's motorbike and killed him in August. She has already been charged by the U.K. government with "causing death by dangerous driving," and has invoked immunity under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations. "British prosecutors, however, maintain that immunity does not apply to dependants of consular officials based outside London," the AP writes.

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