Dec 2, 2019 - Politics & Policy

For Castro, Booker in Iowa, largest proportion of donations come from women

Julián Castro

Julián Castro in Iowa on Sept. 21. Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

More than 60% of campaign contributions that 2020 presidential candidates Julián Castro and Cory Booker have received in Iowa came from women, according to Federal Election Commission filings analyzed by the Des Moines Register and OpenSecrets.

Why it matters: Historically, men donated more to presidential campaigns than women. The Register and OpenSecrets notes that the gap is closing, especially in Iowa, where men and women have so far donated about equal amounts to Democratic presidential candidates. Women donated to Castro and Booker at a higher proportion than any of the top-polling women running for president, the analysis found.

By the numbers: Donations from Iowa women are represented as a percentage of the total contributions a candidate received in the state.

  • Castro: $16,396 from women, or 63.93%
  • Booker: $29,056, or 63.22%
  • Warren: $85,713, or 53.40%
  • Klobuchar: $34,774, or 53.30%
  • Harris: $51,178, or 53.18%
  • Biden: $71,941 or 50.46%
  • Buttigieg: $96,620, or 47.93%
  • Sanders: $169,869, or 47.34%
  • Yang: $10,267, or 27.77%
  • Gabbard: $5,995, or 18.58%

Details: Meanwhile, almost three-quarters of Iowa donors to Andrew Yang's and Tulsi Gabbard's campaigns are men.

  • Bernie Sanders had the largest number of individual female donors from Iowa (3,149) and the largest amount contributed by women ($166,689), but women make up about 47% of his total Iowa contributions in dollars received.

The big picture: Nationally, Castro, Warren and Harris have received more money from women than men.

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