Oct 19, 2019

Millennials sleep and work more than previous generations

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Photo: Hinterhaus Productions/Getty Images

A new study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics found that millennials work and sleep longer hours and are more likely to socialize in their free-time than previous generations.

Why it matters: The lifestyle tendencies of millennials are driving societal and cultural norms. "In fact, their economic circumstances and daily habits have often led them to be blamed for 'killing' everything, from casual restaurant chains, credit cards to the car industry," writes the Washington Post.

How millennials spend their time:

  • Millennials sleep about 9 hours a night, compared to the 8.6 hours of prior generations.
  • They spend about 1.5 hours a day engaging in household activities, as compared to the 2.10 hours of older generations.
  • Millennials are more likely to be employed full-time.
  • Older demographics spend about 0.16 hours daily on religious activities, whereas millennials spend about 0.09 hours.
  • Millennials dedicate 17 more minutes to personal care each day than their elder counterparts.
  • They are also more educated, ethnically and racially diverse compared to Gen X, Baby Boomers and others.

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