Oct 11, 2019 - Politics & Policy

Prince's estate says Trump campaign used "Purple Rain" at rally despite agreement

President Trump at a campaign rally

Photo: Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post/Getty Images

The late musician Prince's estate tweeted that President Trump's campaign used the song "Purple Rain" at its Minneapolis rally on Thursday despite a 2018 letter from the campaign's lawyers confirming that it would no longer use the artist's music.

The big picture: Musicians have spoken out against Trump using their music at campaign rallies for years, but this is an interesting case where the artist in question has actually produced a legal agreement on the matter.

  • Most recently, a video tweeted by Trump that attacked former Vice President Joe Biden over the ongoing Ukraine controversy and used "Photograph" by Nickelback was removed after a copyright complaint from the band, per the Washington Post.

A non-exhaustive list of musicians that have spoken against Trump using their music:

Read the letter, via the Prince estate's tweet:

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