Sep 26, 2019

First GOP governor comes out in support of Trump impeachment inquiry

Donald Trump stands at a podium with his hand up.

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Vermont's Phil Scott became the first Republican governor to formally back an impeachment inquiry into President Trump amid the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower complaint, AP reports.

Why it matters: Scott's stance is a departure from the party norm. Republican lawmakers have been almost entirely united in their support of Trump, who has maintained near-90% approval ratings among his own party throughout his presidency.

Between the lines: While Utah Sen. Mitt Romney has been critical of Trump, he has not stated his official support for an impeachment inquiry.

  • Scott noted that Congress has a "solemn responsibility" to conduct the inquiry as a matter of maintaining checks and balances.
  • On Thursday, the governor said he was unsurprised by Trump's request for Ukraine to investigate Biden because he's "watched him over the years."

Context: This is not the first time Scott has been critical of the president.

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