Jul 26, 2019 - Technology

Trump denies Apple's tariff waiver request for Mac Pro

President Trump meeting with Apple CEO Tim Cook

Photo: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

President Trump said on Twitter that Apple won't be getting any tariff waivers for Mac Pro parts produced in China and that the company should "make them in the USA."

Why it matters: Apple requested waivers for 15 items related to the manufacturing of the Mac Pro, but those items will now be subject to the 25% tariffs. The company's dependence on Chinese manufacturers has become a sore point with Trump as his trade war with China continues.

  • Trump had previously said there would be tariff waivers for companies that can prove their parts or products can only be acquired in China, per Bloomberg.

Background: The Mac Pro was the only high-end computer manufactured in the U.S. till Apple decided to move production to China. Apple had spent millions building the facilities to produce the computer in Texas.

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